SMART Letter #2:
SMART at VON San Jose
February 15, 1998



            SMART Letter #2 -- February 15, 1998

        For Friends and Enemies of the Stupid Network

            Copyright 1998 by David S. Isenberg

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      It takes SMART people to design a Stupid Network



SMART People,

I NEED YOUR HELP if you are going to be at the Pulver.Com

VON Meeting in San Jose March 30 - April 2.  There will be a 

Panel on Stupid Networks on April 1, 

                     >>>  THAT'S RIGHT, APRIL FOOL'S DAY <<<

and I want to make it not only informative, but FUN.

So if you'll be there, please send me email 

ASAP, so we can organize this thing.  And if you're not

planning on being there, please reconsider, cause I'll


Thank you,

David I

P.S. Please don't tell Harry Newton about this ;-)


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